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Illuminated Signs

Let Illuminated Signs visually enhance your brand.

When it comes to standing out as a business, making sure your signage is noticeable plays a key role in your prominence on the high street, industrial estate or commercial premises.

Here at CIM Signs & Graphics, we manufacture and install illuminated Signs, creating displays with custom LED illumination to your specifications - from individual illuminated letters to backlit signs, we can help you display your brand in the best possible light.

We deliver end to end design & manufacturing solutions for our illuminated signs services. Our design team will work with you to create the best possible result for you given the location and space available to you.

Illuminated LED signs make it easier for business premises to be seen from passing traffic and vehicles on the road. Illuminated signs come in various shapes, sizes and forms. From simple spotlights to eye-catching individual backlit lightboxes to face-lit, edge-lit and halo lit signs, we can advise on the best solution for your requirement.

Illuminated signage doesn’t just have to be something outside your business premises; internally illuminated signs are also a popular option for various purposes. From menus and price options in places such as restaurants and takeaways through to brands, logos and signage, illuminated signs are a great way of getting your message across.

We have a variety of lamps that can be used for various circumstances.

LED Illumination

Use of LED’s has increased greatly in recent years. In some cases it is a better option for illumination, which can be more energy efficient, keeping your running costs as low as possible.

Fluorescent Tubes

Different methods of lighting have their individual benefits. Fluorescent tubes have been used for illuminating signs for many years. They are cost effective and have the benefit of 360-degree illumination, which we sometimes use in fascia and projection signs.

Front Lit Applications

Depending on the design we will recommend different ways of illuminating signs from the front using lamps which we can characterize to suit the style of sign, building, location etc.

Benefits of working with CIM Signs & Graphics

We are experts in the production and installation of many types of window graphics and believe that our high-quality products, attention to detail and an in-house creative team are the best way to display your brand and business messages to your customers from your window spaces.

What we do

  • Expert production, design & installation
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Various options for creation and finishing
  • Design to installation service
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Ability to work to any shape or size
  • From single to full-colour options

To receive a quote or advice on any type of signs or graphics please call us on 01603 722399