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Illuminated Signs

Let Illuminated Signs visually enhance your brand.

Illuminated signs and installations from CIM are one of the most effective ways stand out from the crowd. Your company name in lights or a promotional message get noticed. Commonly used to advertise shops or as advertising signs that create a great impact.

Types of illumination:

  • backlit
  • face-lit
  • edge-lit
  • halo lit signs

Types of Lamps used

LED Illumination

Use of LED’s has increased greatly in recent years. In some cases it is a better option for illumination which can be more energy efficient, keeping your running costs as low as possible.

Fluorescent Tubes

Different methods of lighting have their individual benefits. Fluorescent tubes have been used for illuminating signs for many years. They are cost effective and have the benefit of 360 degree illumination which we sometimes use in fascia and projection signs.

Cold Cathode Neon

Used for illuminating fascias, ceiling features and counter tops as well as their traditional use in pubs, clubs and restaurants. They are also used to create dynamic visual lighting effects to highlight architectural features and throw light across building exteriors. This type of lighting offers a continuous, reliable and powerful source of light.

Front Lit Applications

Depending on the design we will recommend different ways of illuminating signs from the front using lamps which we can characterize to suit the style of sign, building, location etc.

To receive a quote or advice on any type of signs or graphics please call us on 01603 722399