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Let Post Signs visually enhance your brand.

Post mounted signs are one of the most popular forms of signage systems and are a cost-effective form of exterior signage used by businesses of all types. They look great, are practical and relatively maintenance free and offer a great solution for advertising your business, brand and giving your customers relevant information. Whether you are a retail business, school, college or university, parish or church, NHS, dental, hotel, gym or any other business that has a premises, post signs are a great way to communicate with your customers.

Post signs, post mounted signs and panel signs are in the most part used externally to give informative and directional information to visitors and/or customers. They are also used to help businesses identify themselves on roadsides, industrial and commercial estates as well as business parks.

Post and panel signs are more commonly seen in the ground alongside the roads and paths around waist height (or eye line if you are in a car) and are usually used to deliver a message. This can be anything from logos, contact details, maps and directional indicators as well as general information. Traditionally they tend to conform to standard shapes like squares and rectangles but more often now you can see details that sculpt the edges making bespoke and customised shapes.

Given they are predominantly used for outdoor signage, these signs are designed to withstand the extremes of weather conditions we have in the UK and are manufactured from materials that can withstand the elements. Post and panel signs can also benefit from lighting. Outdoor lights can be used to illuminate these panels so that they are visible 24/7.

Post and panel signs can be modular meaning that you can add panels to the fixings to increase your message space. This is ideal for adding separate panels for pointing traffic, highlighting important information or separating business on industrial estates.

From wood posts to metal posts. Car parking signs, fingerposts, directional signage, information signage… the limit is endless. What type of message are you trying to deliver to your potential customers?

Benefits of working with CIM Signs & Graphics

We are passionate about our beautiful bespoke post signs and believe that our high quality materials and printing processes are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative displays.

What we do

  • Expert production, installation & design
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Various options on finishing
  • Different designs and shapes available
  • Design and installation service
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Ability to work to any shape or size
  • Options for illumination

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