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Stud Fixed Signs

Let Stud Fixed Signs visually enhance your brand.

Stud fixed signs are a great way of showcasing your brand to the public and can be used both inside and outside making them an extremely versatile solution for the promotion of your business.

Stud fixed signs can vary in size, shape, format and finishing. From letters to shapes, icons, logos and brands. From single colours to multicoloured designs, the only limit is your imagination.

When used outdoors, stud fixed exterior signs offer a great solution for getting your business in front of people. Using the blank canvas of an exterior wall as a background, fonts can be itemised as stand-alone shapes and really make an impact. This type of approach is ideal if you have lots of space to play with.

But it's not just typographical font type outlines that can be created. Shapes and images can also be achieved. Identities can also be stand-alone objects. Arrow shapes can direct traffic and people. This approach really adds a touch of class to any signage. But it doesn’t have to be individual shapes. You could use a single panel that encapsulates your branding. Individual panels can be as big or as small as you need them to be. They can be flooded with images and text or be frosted or transparent to allow the background to come through. We can adapt stud fixed signs to hold literature, allowing for the promotion of your business or items that need to be changed regularly. We can even mount items such as televisions!

The same approaches can be used indoors. From entrance signage to directional information boards, stud fixed signs offer a unique way of adding branding and imagery to your internal walls.

Stud fixed signs are a professional way of bringing your business and brand to life. From aluminium to composite, acrylic and foamboard, the options are styles are limitless.

If you are looking to present your business in the best possible way then why not get in touch with the team here at CIM to see how we can bring your brand to life with a stud fixed sign.

Benefits of working with CIM Signs & Graphics

We are passionate about our bespoke stud fixed signs and believe that our high quality materials and printing processes are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative displays.

What we do

  • Expert production, design & installation
  • Precision engineering
  • Various options on finishing
  • Limitless options on designs and shapes
  • Design and installation service
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Ability to work to any shape or size
  • Interior & exterior options

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